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Dar es Salaam is Tanzania’s largest and richest city, occupying an area of 1,590km². It is a regionally important economic centre, most outstanding in activities such as fashion, arts, music, media, television and film. The city is the leading financial centre in Tanzania with its stock exchange, i.e. Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) being the first and the major stock exchange in the market in the whole of Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam has the largest population of Swahili speakers in the whole world. It is largely populated with the natives plus other foreigners, who also speak Swahili. Dar es Salaam is also Tanzania’s leading arriving and leaving point for most tourists who visit the Tanzanian national parks, points of interest such as Mbudya Island, Mbogoyo Island and Msasani among others.

Now, dating is yet another thing which is so widespread in Dar es Salaam, with natives as well as foreigners actively participating in it. This is the city to actually go to if looking for committed and dedicated singles to hook up with.

There are different ways of meeting and hooking up with the Dar es Salaam singles, the obvious one being, and going to the place in person and meeting them one on one. However, I want to introduce to you a simpler, convenient and cost-effective way, which you will definitely fall in love with.

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Now, to get started on the Dar es Salaam dating, you simply 'join' using the 'join' button, after which you’ll fill a registration form. Upon filling the form, which is an indication that you already have an account, you will be free to go ahead and set the preferences of the Dar es Salaam singles you want to meet. Having the account is very useful as it enables you to upload pictures and videos of yourself, which you will post for the fellow singles to see. This account will also help you also in communicating, which can be via messages, text chats or even video chats. Up to that point, you shall have made a significant move. There is a quicker way of grabbing Dar es Salaam singles’ attention and having them view your profile. This is just by liking their pictures. When you do this, they shall receive a notification and shall in turn view your profile. It is from that point that you can initiate a discussion and in the end, you shall already be dating.

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